E30 M3 SR20

   I had originally planned on doing this to a non-M E30 roller but when I saw this car and the fact that it needed to be saved I was floored. I had to have it. It came with nearly all of the parts (un-assembled) which has been a PITA except for the motor/tranny/ECU. I bought it because of the AMAZING body lines of the E30 M3 and the famed suspension of the M3. Then I needed to pick a power plant.

I came from a VERY quick E36 M3 so I wanted a powerful car. To build the S14 was WAY out of my price range so I started looking at alternative swaps. I looked at S50/52/54 but because of cost and weight, I looked else where.

Why I chose the SR20DET-
 — The stock SR diff has a ratio of 4.10 so it would match the OEM diff.
— I could easily, reliably, and cheaply make 300 rwhp
— Without the turbo, manifold, intercooler and pipeing the SR20DET actually weighs less than the S14 motor/tranny. With all of the turbo equiptment, it is roughly 55lbs more which is not a big difference.
— I have 2 crazy friends who have swapped this motor into numerous other cars including 2nd gen RX7’s and AE86’s. They know the SR20DET wiring backward and forward which has been a huge help!

So now you know why I am doing what I am, here are a few more pics of the body work from Azevedo motorsports: (Turn your speakers OFF!)

So, here is a mod list as of right now(off the top of the dome, I am probably forgeting things):


— S13 SR20DET Redtop
— JGS custom turbo manifold
— S15 T28 ( Garrett GT2560 Dual Ball bearing turbo)
— 550cc Deutschwerks injectors
— Hybrid Dynamics ROM Tune
— HKS Super SQV Blow off valve
— ApexI AVCR Electronic boost controler
— ApexI turbo timer
— Z32 MAF
— Dual 12″ SPAL puller fans
— 24″X36″ intercooler with 3″ pipeing
— 2.5″ downpipe to 3″ catless custom mandrel bent exhaust to Vibrant dual tip stainless muffler
— Mishimoto SR20 aluminum radiator
— Solid urethane motor mount bushings


— Massive Wilwood Superlite kit ( 13″ front rotors and 4 pot calipers)
— Ground Control coilovers. 450/650 kit
— Koni yellow struts
— IE urethane bushing kit
— Sparco front strut bar


— Full OEM houndstooth interior. Front and rear seats, front and rear door panels
— New black leather shift boot and shift knob
— WTB: Newish black carpet.
— Pretty much gutted on race days. I removed all sound deadening.
— Custom Gauge pod with Autolite boost and water temp gauges
— JEG’s carbon fiber switch panel for main functions


— On order- Work Meister S1 2pc, Gold 18×9 et15 , 18×10 et18
Falken FK452 215/35/18 and 245/35/18
— Custom cut front bumper for intercooler (just cut out bar)
— Not finished, custom ABS front splitter and undertray
— Fiberglass E3 rear wing copy from group buy
— Imola 366 OEM BMW Paint
— Fiberglass trunk and hood
— Euro smoked Elips
— Euro Grill
— Blacked out kidneys
— WTB: Smoked tail lights and brake duct things for front bumper.



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