M3 E46 swap S85 V10

S85 (E60 M5 V10) swap into E46 M3 with Pectel SQ6M ECU and and Cosworth dash

The S85 motor really deserves more love. Projects like this remind us that if BMW wanted to, they could have shoved that V10 in the M3 and abused almost any of their competition. But BMW didn’t, so we are thankful for enthusiasts who are willing to step up to the plate. This swap was done using a Pectecl SQ6M ECU and to have the dash fully compatible it was swapped out for a Cosworth Dash. Check out the build pics, details, and videos below.
Dynotorque in the UK is responsible for this swap. The E92 M3 6 speed is used which is basically the same as the E60 M5 6 speed however remember that was not available in the UK. The front crossmember was scalloped in order for the V10 to fit which it does pretty well along with the transmission. The stock E60 M5 headers are used and surprisingly fit although strong motor mounts were necessary as 5 mm of movement and they would rub. We would like to see what it puts down to the tire with tuning on the Pectel but can’t complain, this is a very nice swap.

I’m not to sure how exciting a blog post this is to others. But for me it’s some of the final parts required to complete the mating of S85 V10 and E46 M3, and they are some REALLY special parts.
KMS Racing Engines in Holland are BMW racing specialists. Working with the geniuses at Cosworth in the UK, they have developed some of the most comprehensive plug and play packages for the S85 V10, S65 V8, S54 Straight 6 and probably a host of other engines.
Excitedly pulling open the package and popping it on the floor to look over and photograph really isn’t doing these components justice, but the sooner I get it all fitted, the sooner we can get the car running.

A big thank you to John and William from KMS Racing Engines, for creating this awesome package of parts, and to Cosworth for providing the Pectel ECU, and the Formula 1 quality motorsport loom.

Don’t forget to check out the trackculture forum for further discussion on this project, and loads of other cool builds as well

Update: Check out the first start video here: http://www.trackculture.com/2011/01/30/trackculture-e46-m3-v10-first-start-2/


Phil Morrison


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